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Why play the worlds greatest Game?

Darcy Evans Sydney Squash Acadmey Coach
Squash Mechanics

What is Squash

Squash is an intensivetechnical and above all a very exciting sport to play! In most cases you would play with 2 players on the court, however there is a possibility to play doubles which would mean there are 4 players on the court. Because there is a limited space to play in with squash, safety rules are very important. Luckily there aren’t that many of them.

Bondi Squash Club

Fun Facts

– Squash Is Played In 185 Countries

– A Squash Game During A Queen’s Labor

– Junior Participation In Squash Is Growing Rapidly!

– There once was A 38 Hour Squash Marathon

-Squash Originated From A Sport Developed In A Prison (sounds like Australia) 

– The Titanic Had A Squash Court

– The World’s Longest Squash Rally (1 hour 4minutes and 28seconds. OMG) 

– It’s The Healthiest Sport!

-There Are Approximately 50,000 Squash Courts In The World