Fund Raising assists 4 talented Squash Juniors to compete at the Australian Junior Championships in Tasmania

To address rising travel costs to compete at major Junior Squash Championships, a Grants fund raiser by Willoughby MasterClass has assisted 4 talented Junior players to compete at the 2019 Australian Junior Squash Championship in Davenport.

Announcing the Grant Awardees on behalf of the Willoughby MasterClass, Neil Cutler, commented “The concept of subsidising Juniors travel costs to a National tournament is in keeping with our vision of encouraging talented, junior players who represent the future of our game, to compete at the highest level. 

When we announced our Fund raising initiative in February this year we were overwhelmed by the support of sponsors, and the broader community, who shared our vision and helped exceed our expectations”

Darcy Evans, head of coaching and Juniors development at Willoughby Squash and Squash Mechanics commented “The four Grant recipients are Sydney Johnson, Maggie Goodman, James Sommer and Sam Goodman. They were selected for improving their competitive performances, commitment to training, coaching, overall sportsmanship and suitability as emerging role models in squash.

This MasterClass initiative reflects our own philosophy of identifying, encouraging and developing children to enjoy one of only a handful of sports that they can continue to play throughout their lives. We have several MasterClass members who have enjoyed squash from their junior years right though their 70s and are competing in Pennant as well as State, National and International Master Tournaments”.